Thin Lizzy Prints

Coming soon. Print collaboration boxed set by Denis O’Regan & Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick.
Denis O’Regan & Jim Fitzpatrick, 2021
Boxed set of prints

Publisher: Inverted Images.

A luxury boxed collection of very limited Thin Lizzy prints produced in a collaboration between longtime Thin Lizzy artist Jim Fitzpatrick and photographer Denis O'Regan. Jim had already produced a painting of a Denis O'Regan image - 'Fatalistic Attitudes', which took pride of place in Philip's mother Philomena's house.


Jim and Denis both closely collaborated with the great man, and thought it would be exciting to work together to produce new works of Philip Parris Lynott. The limited edition set of prints will be delivered in a high quality box with a certificate signed by photographer and artist.


Jim Fitzpatrick in 1968 famously reproduced a photograph of Che Guevara as a painting, the image of which has become more famous than the original picture. Jim creates Irish Fantasy Art, and his imagery has featured on Irish Thin Lizzy postal stamps and the band's album covers such as Johnny The Fox, Vagabonds Of The Western World, Black Rose and Chinatown.