Denis O'Regan's initial exhibition as the first ever Artist In Residence to the Royal Albert Hall is a collaboration with musical artist Nitin Sawhney as part of his 'Journeys: 150 Years of Immigration'. Nitin  Sawhney  is  one  of  the  most  distinctive  and  versatile  musical  voices,  achieving  an  international  reputation  across  every   creative  medium.


In  2017  Nitin  received  the  Ivor  Novello  Lifetime  Achievement  award,  and  is  firmly  established  as  a  world-class  producer,  songwriter,  DJ,  multi-instrumentalist,  orchestral  composer  and  cultural  pioneer. Most recently, Nitin has been appointed Chair of Trustees for PRS Foundation, the UK’s leading charitable funder of new music and talent development. Sawhney also holds 7 honorary doctorates.


The ‘Journeys' portrait series is an uplifting and celebratory collaboration with artists, staff and friends of the Royal Albert Hall, showcasing each of their uniquely personal perspectives on what the world ‘immigrant’ means to them. The subjects were photographed in and around the Royal Albert Hall over the period of a few hours, choosing their own clothing and make-up. The exhibition of portraits is on view from October 21st to November 7th.


Denis O’Regan was born in London to  parents who had eloped from County Cork in Ireland and married in Brixton. Ten years later Denis saw The Beatles at London's Hammersmith Odeon, followed a decade later by David Bowie performing Ziggy Stardust at the same venue. Fast forward  another ten years and Denis had toured the world as official photographer to Thin Lizzy, the Rolling Stones and David Bowie.


In 2021 Denis was appointed the first ever Artist In Residence to the Royal Albert Hall in its 150th anniversary year.