Ricochet: An Intimate Portrait

David Bowie smaller format coffee table book
Denis O'Regan, 2018
Hardback, signed by Denis O'Regan
Ricochet: An Intimate Portrait: David Bowie smaller format coffee table book
Publisher: Particular Books (Penguin Random House)
Dimensions: 292x33x190mm
Pages: 328
ISBN: 184614972X
£ 50.00

Available to view and purchase at Denis O'Regan Gallery W6


"A breathtaking glimpse into life on tour with David Bowie.


'Ricochet: Bowie 1983. An intimate portrait' reveals stories and pictures that offer an exclusive insight into David Bowie the man and musician. Taken on the 'Serious Moonlight Tour' - Bowie's largest ever tour that took in 99 concerts in over 60 cities - Denis O'Regan's photographs provide a thrilling, intimate view of life on the road with a unique pop icon. Every image in Ricochet was personally approved by Bowie himself, and the result is a music photography book like no other.


Witty, poignant, and beautifully produced, Ricochet is a rare and spirited look into the life of an iconic artist, whose music and performances have inspired - and continue to inspire - generations around the world".


Amazon reviews: "Best Bowie book on the market". "A beautiful book, will not disappoint if you are a Bowie fan". "A stunningly beautiful book celebrating a stunningly beautiful man". "Images magnifiques, je le recommande pour tous les fans". "Bowie intime, Bowie nature, Bowie en Asie, côté coulisses. Magnifique...". "ボウイの写真集で1番よかった"